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The first pod has been added to Ain Dubai – the massive wheel on Bluewaters Dubai.

Photos circulating on social media have shown that the first pods have been installed on the wheel, decked out with a banner stating “Installation of Ain Dubai 1st Capsule, 21st August 2020”.

The centrepiece of Bluewaters Dubai, Ain Dubai has been in development for several years now.

Earlier this year Dubai Media Office confirmed that the wheel would begin turning to coincide with Expo 2020, which was due to begin this October.

Expo has been put back a year, but the first pods have now been added to the huge wheel across from JBR.

The opening of the massive structure has been eagerly awaited, and now it is one step closer.

“Ain Dubai is shaping up well and has successfully installed its first capsule onto the wheel this weekend,” said a spokesperson from Ain Dubai.

“Over the coming period, the remaining 47 capsules are scheduled for gradual installation. When complete, Ain Dubai will be the tallest observation wheel in the world, standing more than 250 metres above the Bluewaters island, looking out across Dubai’s glittering landscape.”

The structure will be more than 200 percent taller than the first ever Ferris wheel. And the cable wiring holding the wheel rim of the Ain Dubai in place has a cumulative length equal to the distance between Dubai and Cairo – that’s 2,400km.

It will be the world’s largest and highest attraction of its kind, with the second tallest in Las Vegas at 167m and then the London Eye at 135m.

Ain Dubai (which is translated as ‘eye’) is set to be a tourist attraction, offering spectacular views of the Dubai Marina skyline on one side and the Arabian Gulf on the other.

It’s also expected that visitors will be able to scale up the central frame of the Ain Dubai, then abseil down again from 150 metres, assisted of course by expert climbers and abseilers.

We can’t wait to see it completed.

Stay close to for more.

5 facts about Ain Dubai, from developers Meraas

5 tonnes: the weight of each permanent spoke cable that holds the wheel rim in place
1 football pitch: length of each permanent spoke is longer than a professional football pitch
16 Airbus A380s: The equivalent weight of the wheel rim
126: length in metres of the legs that support the structure
9,000: tonnes of steel used in the construction of Ain Dubai



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