Key performing sectors and trends in 2020

1. Healthcare: Healthcare institutions grapple with the reality that their services or technological capabilities are no longer sufficient to create a competitive edge. They need to make significant strides in the realm of patient experience to differentiate themselves. One of the top priorities will be enabling the patient to access healthcare resources 24/7 using mobile applications.

A JP Morgan report explains:Consumers pay more for their healthcare than they ever have before, with out-of-pocket costs north of $2000 on average. This has led to more discerning generation of consumers, who think a lot more about where they spend those dollars, shopping for their healthcare like they shop for other retail items. Patients are looking for the best service and the best locations, at the lowest cost. This demand for convenience has created an opportunity for traditional drug retailers, such as CVS, to make the most of their existing footprint through telemedicine, using telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver healthcare.”

In her commentary piece for UPS, Nancy Brown echoes this sentiment: “Beyond affordability, patients report that care is disparate, too complex to manage, unfocused and incongruent with their goals and priorities. Globally there is a growing recognition that healthcare leaders should prioritize patient-reported outcomes and patient-reported experiences, as well as health-outcome metrics to assess quality whenever possible. As people live longer, the need is urgent to improve innovation, treatment and payment systems so they incentivize and support the delivery of value in healthcare. Without the patient voice represented throughout this process, we cannot reach true value.”



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