More than half of UAE residents say the Expo 2020 will boost local economy, study says

More than half of UAE residents said Expo 2020, the world fair Dubai will host in October, will boost the local economy and are bullish about its benefit on sectors ranging from tourism to hospitality.

About 55 per cent of those surveyed said the global exhibition will stimulate the economies of UAE and Dubai, 51 per cent said it will bring prospective investments and 50 per cent said it will increase the influx of tourists to the country, according to a survey by YouGov released on Monday.

“As Dubai is set to welcome visitors from across the globe at the Dubai Expo 2020 later this year, YouGov’s new survey reveals that excitement levels within the country are high with a large majority of UAE residents – 67 per cent – looking forward to attend the exposition,” it said.

Under half the respondents think the Expo will boost the UAE’s reputation as a business hub and will lead to the creation of more jobs.

Women seem more optimistic than men about this trend, according to the report. Residents aged 40 and above seem to be more confident than other age groups about the Expo and are most inclined to say it will deliver positive economic outcomes.

Among the various nationalities in the UAE, Arab expatriates are most hopeful that the Expo will energise the hospitality, real estate and recreation sector, the survey said.

The YouGov report also revealed there is low awareness around the Expo’s legacy. When asked about District 2020, only 28 per cent knew what it was, while 36 per cent did not know about it, and another 36 per cent had only heard of it but were not completely sure of what it was.

A large majority of UAE residents – 67 per cent – are looking forward to the event, the survey said.

Among those who are likely to visit the Expo, people aged 30 and above are more likely to attend than younger adults in the country.

Working professionals seem more interested than non-working residents – 72 per cent compared with 51 per cent – to visit the Expo. While married residents, especially those with children, are expected to attend the event more than the single people .

A considerable number of men are looking forward to the sporting events at the Expo (35 per cent) while a large number of women are keen to experience the architecture (41 per cent) and music (33 per cent).

Updated: February 10, 2020 08:02 PM



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