There’s A Virtual Meeting Taking Place On Monday To Discuss Postponing Expo 2020 To Next Year

One of the MOST asked questions here in Dubai and practically all of the UAE is, ‘what is going to happen to the Dubai Expo 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic’?

Well, to discuss exactly that the Dubai Expo 2020 organizers, including all committee members, international stakeholders and the representing UAE officials are set to hold a virtual meeting on Monday, March 30, to discuss the future of the highly-anticipated Expo 2020. The options on the table will range from maintaining the current opening date to a delay of several months or even a year, as the case with the Tokyo Olympics.

This new instalment comes in light of the spreading global coronavirus pandemic, which countries are taking major preventive and precautionary measures to fight against. Right now a total of 351 active Covid-19 cases in the UAE have been reported, with more than 601,000 people testing positive for the virus GLOBALLY and more than 27,000 fatalities.

The Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) steering committee meeting will be reassessing and adjusting planned preparations

According to reports by Bloomberg, any final decision would have to be made by member states of the BIE.

This is a huge bummer for the Emirate as Dubai has spent billions building hotels, attractions and facilities in expectation of the many visitors for the Expo. The World Expo was ‘a potential bonanza for the emirate’.

Although, the organizers and Dubai government officials are closely monitoring the Covid-19 updates and are regularly reviewing plans in line with guidance from U.A.E and international stakeholders.

The report further states that a change of date requires a two-thirds majority vote from the committee’s members.



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