WES wireless fire alarm system selected for Germany pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai

System is designed specifically for construction sites and is certified to EN54 standard

Dubai-based Liberty Fire & Safety Equipment Trading has announced that the WES wireless temporary fire detection and alarm system has been deployed at the Germany pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai. This makes the pavilion the latest at the site to rely on WES for fire protection during the construction process, said a statement from the firm.

The company is a distributor of the WES wireless fire alarm range and notes that the system is designed to protect construction sites, industrial properties, temporary buildings and pop-up venues. It was developed specifically for the construction and is certified to the EN54 standard.

The statement notes that the units were installed in a matter of minutes and the system was put into service at the same time.

“Since it is wireless, this is not a problem for WES, which is extremely easy to reposition on site. Each unit can be relocated simply by removing it from its current location and positioning it in the new location. The best part is that there is no need for an electrician, no need for reprogramming and no cable re-routing – and all this adds to more saving and time on site. Once the permanent fire alarm system has been activated, the contractor can remove the units and use it on his next project,” said a spokesperson from the company.

The German pavilion incorporates a combination of room shapes, sizes and heights which is challenging for a conventional wired system, particularly when moving the detection heads to allow for finishing works, the statement noted.



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